Dear Friends,

The group is called OC Tennis Group and will consist of local tennis players who regardless of your skill levels, age and location can join and have a great time.  My goal for this program to build a team where we all can get together, practice and even compete in a tournament.  The program is designed to fit your schedule with flexibility so play whenever you can.

OC Tennis GroupA little information about my background; My name is Phim.  I live in Central Orange County (La Habra/Fullerton/Brea Area) and have been playing tennis for many years since I was 10-year-old.  My NTRP rating is somewhere between 4.0 and 4.5.  Like many of you, off the court I am usually busy with work and family but I try to squeeze in a time for tennis every chance I get. By starting up this event, hopefully there will be more time dedicated to the sport.  All my life, I have always enjoyed the game and strongly believe that tennis is a great sport.  Also it is a great way to bring people together in the community.

I have yet to come up with a practice schedule and formally structure the program.  In addition, I plan to coach and provide private lessons to others as well.  I look forward to kick off the program by November 2013 once enough people have joined.  This is just a beginning and hopefully this program will lead to other great events in the future.   Please feel free to fill out the form below if you are interested to become part of the team.   Hope to see you guys soon. Thank you and have a wonderful time on the court!


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